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Out Kickstarter campaign is now over but you can still pre-order your Protractor on Tindie. The Protractor is a proximity sensor that tells you the angle to nearby objects and open pathways.  A lot of sensors can tell the distance to an object, but determining the angle is much harder. Knowing the angle between your robot and nearby objects and pathways is useful for robotic applications such as Mini Sumo, Bulldozer, Object Collection, Obstacle Avoidance, Maze Solving, and many more.  For tasks like these, the Protractor sensor tells you exactly what you need to know.  With a 180 degree field of view, the Protractor can tell the angle to multiple objects up to 30cm (12 inches) away. The Protractor works well with robots from about 10 to 25 cm (4 to 10 inches) in size. The Protractor can communicate with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and most other popular microcontrollers using I2C or Serial communication. How it Works The Protractor is an active infrared (IR) sensor. An

Frying Pan

Here at Robogao we really work up an appetite when designing and testing our robots. Surrounded by snacks, its no surprise many of our bots are named after food. The name Robogao was inspired by LuoBoGao  蘿 蔔 糕 , the daikon radish cake often served at Dim Sum restaurants. Good food makes for happy engineers, and happy engineers design great products. We hope you enjoy eating and building robots too and we look forward to helping you with your projects!